Kingston Family Lawyers & Kingston Divorce Lawyers

Kingston Family Lawyers & Kingston Divorce Lawyers

Our Kingston family lawyers are here to help you with your divorce or separation. We are located in downtown Kingston, at Suite 4, 159 Wellington Street, Kingston Ontario. K7L 3E1.  Call Us: 613-453-2275

At Aaries Family Law, you are in charge of how your case is handled. Let us know your desired budget, services, and timeframe and we will approach your case with a plan that best suits your needs. Our Kingston family lawyers will provide you with outstanding customer service and solid legal advice.

Our office is located in downtown Kingston at Wellington and Brock. There is always parking available. A 5 story parking lot is right across our office, on Brock Street.

If you are undergoing divorce or separation, contact our family lawyers for advice.


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How do you know you are getting the best family law lawyer Kingston has to offer?

Kingston has a wealth of family lawyers, so it’s important to pick and choose. Your budget will dictate which lawyer is best for you. If you can’t afford their hourly rate, or you can’t afford their retainer, then that lawyer is obviously out of the picture. You have to also think beyond the retainer and look at subsequent steps in the legal proceedings.  Will you run out of money before the lawyer can represent you at a motion? If yes, then get a more affordable lawyer or consider a limited scope retainer. Are you predominantly concerned with parenting issues  (custody and access) or financial issues? Lawyers have different strengths and some lawyers predominantly deal with one area or another. You will ultimately have to meet with your lawyer, to determine their opinion of your case, and how you would feel about them representing you?

How does Kingston Family Law compare to other cities?

Family and divorce law is the same across all cities in Ontario. However, there are some slight differences. The family court in Kingston is a unified family court, meaning the Superior Court of Justice and Provincial Court of Justice is combined. Usually, common law couples apply to the provincial court and married couples apply to the Superior Court. Superior Court fees are higher than Provincial Court, and Superior Court has the authority to hear property issues.

Many lawyers act as mediators in Toronto. Few do this in Kingston. Collaborative Family Law is more often used in Kingston, where lawyers try to resolve things outside of court,  via negotiations.

Kingston Office:

Aaries Family Law – Kingston
159 Wellington Street Kingston, Suite 4, Ontario K7L 3E1
Phone: 613-453-2275
Toll Free: 1-800-838-9929

Our Kingston family lawyers serve Kingston’s family law courthouse:
Kingston Courthouse
469 Montreal St.
Kingston ON K7K 3H9


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