Pricing – Affordable Legal Solutions

Pricing – Affordable Legal Solutions

Limited Scope Representation
At Aaries Family Law, we are committed to providing affordable family law services. We offer limited scope representation, also known as unbundled legal services, which allows clients to hire a lawyer for specific tasks, such as document review or court representation, rather than the entire case. This tailored approach can significantly reduce costs while still receiving professional assistance.

We also prioritize transparent communication about fees. During the initial consultation, inquire about fee structures and payment plans, ensuring that there are no hidden costs.


Standard Contracts
As a Standard Contract Client, you will be charged based on a pre-determined fee schedule that will be specified in your own unique and customized contract. The fee schedule outlined in your contract will specify hourly rates and flat fees for specific services for you to review. Your lawyer will also review these fees in detail prior to sending you the contract as well. In addition, you will receive an itemized invoice once every two weeks. Depending on the work that is being done, you will also be able to make a prepayment for a specific set of services so that you can manage your finances with more ease and predictability.


Hourly Rates
At Aaries Family law, our hourly lawyer fees are dependent on experience. Our senior counsel has an hourly rate of $300.00 plus HST per hour. Our fees can be adjusted on a sliding scale based on gross family income and assets down to a minimum of $150 plus HST per hour. Please inquire about this when you call our firm if you feel that you may be eligible. Our fees are subjected to HST, as with all services provided in Ontario. You will be required to pay the HST in addition to your total fee, which will be specified in your invoice.


Affordable packages for clients with limited funds
We also offer packages specified below for clients with limited funds. These packages exist to prevent additional and unexpected fees that exceed what the clients can pay. These packages allow you to attain a specific number of hourly meetings with our lawyer that will be pre-scheduled at the time of payment. These meetings can be used to obtain legal advice, draft legal documents together, review legal documents, go over communications. etc. No communication or legal work will occur outside of these meetings, which will prevent unexpected additional charges from accruing in your invoice. You will NOT be charged drafting fees for any documents drafted together during these meetings.

50% of your initial consult fee will be put towards the package payment to reduce your financial burden.

Our package prices are subjected to HST, as with all services provided in Ontario. You will be
required to pay the HST in addition to your total package fee, which will be specified in your invoice.
Clients are welcome to purchase another package after their current package is complete.
– $600 + HST:  Two hourly meetings with a lawyer
– $1350 + HST:  Five hourly meetings with a lawyer
– $2800 + HST:  Ten hourly meetings with a lawyer
– $3300 + HST:  Twelve hourly meetings with a lawyer
– $4200 + HST:  Fifteen hourly meetings with a lawyer


Affordable fixed fee contracts for drafting separation agreements

This fixed fee service includes one 1 hour meeting (the initial consultation) to obtain information for the separation agreement, one email summarizing the meeting, and a single draft of the separation agreement up to 10 pages. As this is a fixed fee agreement, there will be no additional services performed beyond what is specified. The contract terminates when the draft of the separation agreement is sent to the client, and the client agrees to receive the draft AS IS. If the client wishes to book additional meetings to review the draft of the agreement, then additional payments will be required. Should you wish for further legal services, that can be done under a new contract for legal services, you can book further consultations, or purchase a package of hours.

– $2000+HST: separation agreement of up to 10 pages.

– Sliding scales are offered for clients with low income/ assets.


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