Child Abduction Lawyers In Ontario

Child Abduction Lawyers In Ontario

If your child has been abducted by your ex-partner, the first priority is to assess the safety of your children, and calling the police and/or CAS as soon as needed.

Your next priority is to involve a family lawyer, who can assist with returning your child and reinstating your parenting time.

If your child has been abducted, waiting to take action can hurt your case. This is because the likelihood of the family courthouse in your ex-partner’s location exercising jurisdiction over parenting and other legal issues related to your divorce or separation increases with the time your child/ children spend in the new location.

It’s therefore important to consult with a family lawyer immediately.

Our child abduction family lawyers have 10 years of experience in working with child abduction cases. We can assist with urgent child abductions and are ready to help you in this challenging time. Contact us for a consultation today!