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Kingston Mediation | Family & Divorce Mediators

Mediation is the resolution of disputes between two parties going through a divorce or separation with the assistance of a neutral party, known as the “mediator”. It is a faster and cost-effective alternative to hiring a lawyer in a contested divorce. Mediation is also designed to promote conflict resolution and discourage adversarial engagement between the parties. At Aaries family law, we take this responsibility seriously as we work with clients to reach an amicable resolution of their partnership. Mediation can be a particularly helpful solution if there are children involved and minimizing conflict while completing the separation process in an expedited manner is of utmost importance. Because mediation is cheaper than going to court, it is also a helpful solution for clients who are financially limited.

We offer family and divorce mediation to Kingston clients with mediators who are also family lawyers. This means that we have the legal expertise combined with 10 years of experience in mediation. Call us to book a consultation at 613-453-2275 today!


What is mediation?

Mediation becomes necessary when 1) there are disagreements during separation or divorce that you cannot resolve with your previous partner and 2) you do not want to hire a lawyer.

Mediation can involve multiple issues, including property division, parenting issues, parenting time, support payments, and the matrimonial home. Agreements reached during mediation can be entered into a legally binding contract called a Separation Agreement or Parenting Plan once you receive independent legal advice.

Who is a mediator?

A mediator is a neutral party that facilitates dispute resolution between you and your previous partner. Mediators cannot take sides or make decisions on your behalf. This makes hiring a mediator ideal for clients who are looking to reach solutions in a minimally adversarial environment.

In Ontario, mediators must meet the following qualifications:

  1. 60 hours or more of mediation training
  2. 21 hours of intimate partner violence education and training
  3. Accreditation/ certification (expanded upon below): divorce mediators in Ontario can be certified by either Family Mediation Canada (FMC), the Alternative Dispute Resolution Institute (ADR Institute), or the Ontario Association for Family Mediation (OAFM).
  4. AND one of the following:
  5. Law degree and membership with the Law Society of Ontario. This has to occur with experience in at least 25 family law cases and 21 hours of education in family relationships
  6. A University degree with 10 years of experience in dispute resolution, social work, psychology, or in other human services areas
  7. Graduate degree in mediation, conflict resolution, psychology, or social work with 10 or more years of practice, five years focus on relationship breakdown/ separation/ divorce, experience in mediating 25 or more cases, and family law education of 21 hours or more.

Family mediation process

  1. Intake and screening: This occurs separately for each party to ensure that you and your previous partner are approaching the negotiation from an equal position. Safety issues are also discussed during intake.
  2. Agreement: All involved parties meet together to set an agenda for the mediation, including issues that will be mediated, information to be disclosed from each party, schedule, and financial arrangements.
  3. Sharing of information: This often involves financial information. The role of the mediator is to ensure that the process is fair for both parties and pertinent to the issues that will be negotiated.
  4. Mediation: The mediator will assist in going over the issues to negotiate one by one to ensure that each party has an opportunity to explain their side prior to reaching an agreement.
  5. Completion: Your mediator will draft a document with the agreements reached during the negotiation. They can also help you to reach a decision on contacting a lawyer to make it legally binding and enforceable.

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