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Mediation is a process of resolving disputes between two parties who are going through a divorce or separation. The process involves the assistance of a neutral third party, known as a mediator, who helps to facilitate an agreement between the parties. Mediation can be a quicker and less expensive alternative to hiring a lawyer in a contested divorce, and it is designed to promote conflict resolution and discourage adversarial engagement between the parties. At Aaries family law, we take this responsibility seriously, and our experienced mediators who are also family lawyers can help you reach an amicable resolution of your partnership. Mediation is particularly helpful if there are children involved, as minimizing conflict during the separation process is of utmost importance.

The family mediation process typically involves several stages, including intake and screening, gathering and sharing of information, identifying legal issues, mediation, and completion. During intake and screening, each party is screened to ensure they approach negotiations from an equal position, and safety issues are discussed. All parties are involved to set an agenda for the mediation. The sharing of information often involves financial information, and the mediator ensures the process is fair and pertinent to the issues that will be negotiated. During mediation, the mediator assists in going over the issues one by one to ensure each party has an opportunity to explain their side. Finally, the mediator drafts a document with the agreements reached during the negotiation, and they can help parties reach a decision on contacting a lawyer to make it legally binding and enforceable.

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