Mark Kim, J.D, M.Sc.Ed

Mark Kim, J.D, M.Sc.Ed

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Mark Kim  is a family and divorce lawyer. He is licenced by the Law Society of Upper Canada and he completed his legal studies at the University of Alberta.

Prior to becoming a family lawyer, Mark Kim practiced for years as a family mediator. He is experienced in high conflict divorce, parenting, and financial issues. He completed an internship with child psychologist, Dr. Barbara Fidler and a Certificate in Family Mediation from York University.

Mark Kim consults with a family therapist and applied behavioral therapist specializing in children and families in order to improve his customer service policy, minimize the detrimental impact which divorce has on clients, and offer improved customer satisfaction. They also collaborate on custody and access cases.

Mark can be reached at our Toronto office at 416-970-0412 or at our Kingston office at 613-453-2275 or at our St. Catharines and Niagara Region office at 416-970-0412.

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Our Family Law Services

  1. Spousal Support
  2. Child Custody and Access
  3. Child Support
  4. Matrimonial Property Division
  5. Matrimonial Home
  6. Obtaining a Divorce
  7. Separation Agreement
  8. Uncontested Divorce
  9. Varying a Court Order or Separation Agreement
  10. Gay Divorce
  11. Annulment
  12. Common Law Property Issues (i.e. gifts and trusts and unjust enrichment)
  13. Prenups: Domestic Contracts and Marital Contracts
  14. Mediation
  15. Legal representation for Arbitration
  16. Independent Legal Advice

Our work includes: providing legal advice and opinions, negotiations, court applications, court appearances, attending and preparing for case conferences, court motions, completing court forms and affidavits, legal research, mathematical calculation of financial issues, ascertaining income and assets based on financial disclosure, providing independent legal advice,  participating in mediation and arbitration, correspondence and negotiation with opposing counsel. At Aaries Family Law, our family lawyers do the full range of family and divorce services. We also contract for unbundled legal services and limited scope retainers.

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