Self-Representation - Representing Yourself In The Divorce Court

Self-Representation – Representing Yourself In The Divorce Court

Representing yourself in family law can feel daunting and overwhelming. Self-representation in the divorce court certainly has its challenges. It is however possible and sometimes necessary in specific circumstances, such as when you have limited financial resources.

Our firm offers consultations to provide legal advice at any stage of your journey involving spousal support, child custody and access, child support, matrimonial property division, matrimonial home, obtaining a divorce, separation agreement, uncontested divorce, drafting or varying a court order or separation agreement, and common law property issues.

This system of representing yourself in the family court with as-needed independent legal advice can be beneficial in numerous ways and has served many of our clients in the past 10 years. There are complicated or delicate matters where you will need professional guidance to make sure you don’t fall into common pitfalls of self-representation in the family court. These can include not being familiar with court procedures, navigating the clogged court system, not knowing how to access court resources, and document filing. These pitfalls can and have been known to increase cost to litigants. Consultation with a lawyer prior to and during the proceedings can help you mitigate these challenges and keep the cost down.

We offer an affordable fee of $339 (inclusive of HST) for 1 hour of legal advice. Contact us at 613-453-2275 for a consultation today!