Urgent Family Law Services

Urgent Family Law Services

Aaries Family Law offers urgent legal services for the following court issues:

  1. Child abduction
  2. Parental alienation
  3. Restoring your parenting time
  4. Court matters with short deadlines including motions

We offer urgent legal services for the following out of court issues as well:

  1. Negotiating the terms of a separation agreement.
  2. Urgent consultation.
  3. Urgent Mediation

Urgent Mediations

Circumstances where we offer urgent mediations include:

  1. If you have a family court case that is approaching trial and you have reached an impasse, we offer intensive mediation sessions including all-day mediation to help you resolve your case so that you can avoid trial.
  2. If one spouse is being deployed for the military or has to be out of country for work and you require an urgent interim parenting plan, urgent interim child support, and urgent interim financial, we can assist you with your urgent mediation needs.
  3. We also offer mediation on specific legal issues. For example, if the sale of your home is a pressing issue, we can mediate only that issue on an urgent basis while mediating the remaining issues on a more relaxed time frame.
  4. We can mediate any other issues on an urgent basis. If you would like to mediate more narrow issues such as imputation of income, a graduated parenting schedule, or a new family property statement, that can be also be arranged.