After Hours Services

After Hours Services

Aaries Family Law has built a strong reputation for its commitment to client-centric services. The introduction of after-hours services is a natural extension of this dedication, acknowledging that many people are unable to secure time off during normal business hours and the unpredictable nature of family law matters.

We are availble to schedule metings at 7,8, or 9pm on several days per week. We are often able to schedule meetings on weekends as well, typically at 8 or 9am and occasionally later in the day.

Key Features of Aaries Family Law’s After-Hours Services:

  1. Emergency Consultations: Aaries Family Law understands that urgent situations may arise outside traditional business hours. Whether it’s a sudden custody dispute, a domestic violence incident, or any other pressing matter, clients can now reach out for emergency consultations. This service ensures that clients receive timely advice and guidance when they need it the most.
  2. Document Submission and Updates: Legal processes often involve the exchange and submission of critical documents. Recognizing the importance of staying current, Aaries Family Law’s after-hours services include provisions for document submission and updates. This ensures that clients can conveniently provide essential information or receive updates on their case outside regular office hours.
  3. Virtual Meetings: In an era of digital communication, Aaries Family Law leverages technology to facilitate virtual meetings. Clients can schedule phone consultations during after-hours, allowing them to discuss their case from the comfort of their own homes. This not only enhances accessibility but also accommodates clients with busy schedules.
  4. Extended Client Support: Aaries Family Law’s commitment to client support doesn’t end when the office doors close. Clients can access extended support services, including answering queries, providing case updates, and addressing concerns, even during evenings and weekends.

Benefits for Clients:

The introduction of after-hours services at Aaries Family Law offers several benefits for clients:

  1. Convenience: Clients can access legal support at times that suit their schedules, ensuring that they don’t have to wait for critical advice or updates.
  2. Peace of Mind: Knowing that legal assistance is available around the clock provides clients with a sense of security during emotionally challenging times.
  3. Efficiency: The ability to submit documents or attend virtual meetings outside regular business hours streamlines the legal process, contributing to faster resolution of cases.