Toronto Family Law Services

Toronto Family Law Services

Family law matters are deeply personal and often involve complex legal considerations that require careful navigation. In bustling  Toronto, there are logistical challenges to parenting time due to traffic and there are more complicated financial issues than seeen in other cities.


  1. Divorce and Separation: Our family law services in Toronto help in guiding couples through the complexities of divorce and separation. This includes legal advice on grounds for divorce, property division, and developing parenting plans.
  2. Child Custody and Access: Our Toronto family lawyrers assist parents in navigating child custody and access arrangements. They prioritize the best interests of the child, providing advocacy and support during negotiations and court proceedings.
  3. Spousal and Child Support: Calculating and securing spousal and child support can be intricate processes. We offer expert advice on determining support amounts and ensuring fair and equitable outcomes.
  4. Property Division: Managing the equitable distribution of assets during divorce is a key component of our family law services in Toronto. Professionals guide clients through the complexities of property division, ensuring a thorough and just resolution. 

Aaries Family Law recognize the emotional toll that legal proceedings can take on individuals and families. They combine legal expertise with compassion, offering a supportive environment for clients to navigate challenging times. Their professionals in Toronto understand the cultural diversity of the city and tailor their services to meet the specific needs of each client.

Alternative Dispute Resolution:

In addition to traditional litigation, Aaries Family Law Also uses alternative dispute resolution methods such as mediation and collaborative law. These approaches prioritize open communication and cooperation, allowing families to reach amicable resolutions without the need for a courtroom battle.