Remote Mediation

Remote Mediation in Ontario

Many couples going through separation or divorce live separate and apart from each other in different geographic areas. Mediation can be done remotely, offering individuals facing these logistical challenges a more accessible and convenient path to resolution.

Remote mediation, facilitated through telephone or video conferencing platforms, provides an alternative to traditional in-person meetings, allowing parties to engage in productive discussions from the comfort of their own homes. This approach has become increasingly popular, especially in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, which has highlighted the importance of remote access to mediation services.

Couples who live in proximity with one another often prefer remote mediation as it provides an unbeatable level of convenience. It is often easier to secure 1 hour off work to participate in remote mediation than to secure additional time to account for travel and parking for in-person mediation. Scheduling in person mediation sessions can be logistically challenging as meetings require the availability of the mediator and both parties and all three schedules have to align. Because of the increased convenience and decreased time commitment of remote mediation, couples can meet more frequently and expedite their family mediation which typically leads to a faster resolution of their legal issues.

One of the primary advantages of remote mediation services where spouses don’t live near each other is the elimination of geographical barriers. In a vast province like Ontario, where individuals may reside in different cities or even countries, remote mediation allows parties to participate in the process without the need for extensive travel. This not only saves time and money but also facilitates inclusivity, ensuring that all relevant parties can actively engage in the resolution process.

Moreover, remote mediation promotes flexibility, accommodating diverse schedules and time zones. Participants have the freedom to choose convenient meeting times, reducing the need for extensive scheduling coordination. This flexibility is particularly beneficial for individuals with busy work schedules or childcare responsibilities, allowing them to prioritize their legal matters without disrupting their daily routines. Our firm offers after hours mediation services to accommodate your availability.

In addition to convenience, remote mediation services offer a conducive environment for constructive dialogue and negotiation. Participants can communicate effectively, they are supported by digital tools such as screen sharing, and are assisted by the availability of your own devices and documents at your own home or office in case they need to look up information during the mediation. As a result, mediation is often faster and more time efficient when done remotely. Lastly, if shuttle mediation is utilized (where the mediator meets with parties individually), this is more efficient when done remotely as it does not require the parties to relocate and move their devices and documents as is necessary with in-person shuttle mediation.

From a practical standpoint, remote mediation also reduces administrative burdens associated with traditional in-person meetings. Sharing of relevant documents and information is easier through digital platforms, streamlining the entire mediation process.

In Ontario, remote mediation services for divorce and family law matters provide inherent flexibility, convenience, and effectiveness, and many clients are very happy with the process and the convenience.