Divorce Without Children

Divorce without children

If you are divorcing or separating, and you do not have any children, then our divorce will generally cost less and conclude faster.

Families with children need to address child custody and access, and child support. Additionally, they will have to address all the issues which face families without children. As a family without children, you do not have to concern yourself with custody, access, or child support.

Families without children must resolve: matrimonial property, spousal support, and less frequently, common law property issues.

Common law couples typically do not have property issues to address. When common law property issues come into play, family law cases become complex. Detailed case law research must be performed to find similar precedents. These cases are very fact dependent.

Married couples have a far simpler regime of property division which is outlined in the Family Law Act. It is fairly standardized and general legal principles are more established.

Our Family Law Lawyers are here to assist you with your divorce or separation:

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  1. Spousal Support
  2. Matrimonial Property Division
  3. Matrimonial Home
  4. Common Law Property Issues (i.e. gifts and trusts and unjust enrichment)